Specialty Roofing

We take great pride that we were taught our trade by the old school roofers. We have added to this foundation to improve our specialty. Not too many roofers have knowledge on historic roof repair to maintain the integrity of your roof. It is crucial to have an experienced craftsman perform the right repairs. The great thing about historical roofs is they are repaired for the most part the same way they did a hundred years ago. Every historical roof is not one size fits all.

Focused on the building envelope, we believe that the use of traditional materials is at the core of sustainable design in historic preservation. Our clients range from historic homeowners to the stewards of landmark structures. Whether it’s restoring or replacing an entire slate roof, replicating copper-lined, built-in gutters, or taking on an otherwise impossible masonry preservation project, our track record is proof positive of our many accomplishments.

Batista Roofing provides historic preservation contracting services for clients in Greater Boston area.


All of the copper is custom made in our shop for an exact fit.