Condominium Associations

At Batista Roofing, we understand the specific needs of condominium associations, owners, and property managers. We work closely with property managers and engineers to identify the most cost-effective and high-quality roofing solutions. Servicing both large and small developments has helped us to understand that a great working relationship between the management company, board members, our team, and most importantly the residents of the community is vital to making a project work.

Condominium Roof Installation

Condo Roof Repair

  • Allow us to come in and maintain the current roofs in your condominium community.
  • Several roofing styles and materials require routine maintenance, and Batista roofing will develop the appropriate timetable to service your roof that best fits your schedule.
  • We can schedule routine inspections to ensure your roof is being maintained properly and has a long lifespan.

Condominium Roof Ice Dams

• Our trained professionals can assist you in Ice Dam Removal and preventing future Ice Dams from forming on your condo building.

• Batista Roofing provides all customers with free estimates and details on our ice dam removal work.