Cedar Roofing

Cedar Roofing

Whether you are considering cedar roofing for your primary residence, vacation home, backyard pool house or any other dwelling, a cedar roof will add sophisticated charm to any setting.

Cedar shakes are a popular choice for many architectural designs and styles. Due to their thickness and texture, shakes are often used to achieve a warm, rustic and natural look. There are a variety of choices for cedar roofing materials, including Western Red, Alaskan Yellow, Eastern White, Cypress, and others. We will work closely with you when determining the proper components for your project.

Benefits of Choosing a Cedar Roof

Cedar shakes provide incredible, free insulation, resulting in substantial air conditioning and heating savings. Testing from the University of Texas showed the average attic temperature difference between cedar shakes and composition/asphalt roofing is 28 degrees cooler with cedar in the summer months.
Cedar roofing has the highest wind rating of all other pitched residential roofing products (up to 240 miles per hour). Cedar can be factory pressure-treated to prevent the growth of moss and fungus, and fire-treated to meet any building code requirement.
Cedar is a fully renewable resource, and fully biodegradable, completely breaking down so that it does not contribute to landfills. New trees are planted every year to replace the trees cut.

The Batista Roofing Advantage

Our expert teams of installers will hand-nail every piece of your cedar roof, ensuring appropriate spacing and nailing for environmental factors and proper flashing design and installation. We also skillfully install roofing underlayments (ice and water shields), resulting in a leak-proof roof.

Our meticulous attention to detail helps to prevent curling and deterioration, and will extend the life of your cedar roof. The average life of a cedar roof is only 12-15 years. However, our quality cedar shakes, when installed properly, can last for up to 30 years.